Alignment Golf Ball Markers

Minion Alignment Golf Ball Marker
Minion Alignment Golf Ball Marker

An alignment golf ball marker can greatly improve your putting by helping you align your ball for every putt—legally!

You’ve probably seen golfers adjusting their marker before placing their ball down, and wondered what they were doing? Why just eyeball and guess instead of using a visual guide to help align for the best putting path?

Key Takeaways

  • Alignment golf ball markers are legal tools that improve putting by having visual guides such as straight lines. They must be less than one inch high and two inches wide.
  • They come in various designs, but all work by having a straight line on the marker that allows you to match the line on the golf ball.
  • Having alignment lines gives you an INITIAL alignment. When you place the ball down, you can then fine-tune the angle.
  • You cannot rotate your golf ball on the putting green – one penalty stroke! You have to use a marker. Why not use your marker to align and save time!

What is a Golf Ball Marker?

What is a Golf Ball Marker?

A golf ball marker marks the spot where your ball is on the green, so you can remove and replace it without losing its position. Note that you cannot rotate or align the ball directly without lifting it and using a marker.

Rules are : A golf ball marker must be an artificial object, an object made to be a ball-marker or another small piece of equipment.

Penalties of mis-using a Golf Ball Marker

According to the USGA golf rule 14, “If you lift your ball without marking its spot, mark its spot in a wrong way or make a stroke with a ball-marker left in place, you get one penalty stroke.”

How Aligning a Golf Ball is the First Stage in my Putting routine

Think of alignment as reading the green with its different slopes and telling your eyes and brain to take these into account and create the exact route the ball needs to take to the hole. This is my personal take on ball alignment, and how it can help your putting.

  • Aligning your Ball: By drawing this line, or adjusting an existing mark your golf ball (it could be a line or logo), you have a clear indication of where you want the ball to START rolling.
  • Correct Setup: Now you know the starting direction, you can then get your stance square to the ball.
  • Focus on Distance control: Now you confident in the direction of the golf ball, you can focus on Distance Control.
  • Ball Strike: Now yo uhave the starting direction, the distance control, all you need now is the best ball strike!

Types of Golf Ball Alignment

There are two ways of visually aligning your golf ball:

Direct Marking on the Golf Ball

Golfers often mark their balls directly with a pen or marker for alignment. This involves drawing a line with a golf ball ‘stencil’ that helps you create long straight lines with a marker pen or sharpie.

Golfers can JUST use this line for alignment.

Using an Alignment Golf Ball Marker as well

You can use an alignment golf ball marker to use in combination with the line on your golf ball.

What is an Alignment Golf Ball Marker?

The official definition in the rules of golf for an alignment device state that it must be less than ONE inch high and TWO inches in any horizontal direction.

What are they made from?

They are normally made from plastic or metal, and have three straight printed or embossed lines.

What makes Alignment Markers different from normal ball markers?

Normal Ball Markers:

  • Decorative logos only
  • No straight line markings

Alignment Ball Markers:

  • Feature alignment aids such as lines or arrows (normally three)
  • Aim to improve putting accuracy

How to use an Alignment Golf Ball Marker?

The lines on the marker show which direction the lines on the golf ball should face.

This is only the first guide; when placing the golf ball, this is the second stage to tweak the direction again.

What are the Best Alignment Golf Ball Markers?

Alignment markers can be very simple with just one straight line, or they can have multiple lines, each helping to get the golf ball in the perfect position.

Trident Ball Marker

This is a complete set of marker pen, stencil template and the ADJUSTABLE marker itself.

It is costly and jsutifies this by having the normal striaght lien adjustment, but also the ‘trident shape – half marked on the ball, and half part of the marker. By aligning both halves of the trident, the golf ball will be aligned vertically as well as horizontally. Difficult to explain in words so best to watch the video below!

Adjustable Alignment Golf Ball Marker – Trident

Kevin Streelman Golf Ball Marker

The best part of this famous marker is that he didn’t know where it came from! He got it from a caddie and had to file it down to make sure it was legal, but it is basically a nice-looking drawing pin with a straight line on top! As it has a pin, it can stick into the ground and rotate the line to the correct alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Alignment Golf Ball Markers legal?

Yes, if they are less than one inch tall and two inches wide.

Can I make my own Golf Alignment Ball Marker?

Absolutely! You can simply draw a straight line on any object as long as it meets the size requirements and is artificial. Don’t draw a line on a leaf!

Why can’t I just align the golf ball?

A penalty stroke if you rotate the ball even if it remains on the same spot! Use a ball marker!

What are the advantages of Golf ball alignment markers?

Golf ball alignment markers give you a first stage attempt at aligning your ball for a putt. Having a line on the golf ball and the marker can give you an extended line which is easier to align. You are not allowed to align the golf ball directly without marking it first. However, you are allowed to align the marker – therefore speeding up play.

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