Custom Golf Ball Markers – Personalize your Game

Custom Golf Ball Marker
Custom Golf Ball Marker

Personalize your golf with a custom golf ball marker. A great golf gift for a boyfriend or husband – choose from names, initials or cute nicknames. Add a photo or some ‘interesting’ graphic or even shape with the help of 3D printing. Can you use a beer can to make your own golf ball marker?

Overview of Custom Golf Ball Markers

Golf ball markers mark the position of your ball when you pick it up (to get it out of another player’s way, or for cleaning) on the putting green. However, they don’t need to be the standard flat pieces of plastic or those large poker chips. Personalize them for you or your golfing partner.

Personalization Options:

  • Logos: Choose to display a company brand or personal logo – maybe your favorite band?
  • Initials or Names: Classic but a little boring?
  • Colors and Patterns: You can now choose images or photos. With Dall-E or Midjourney, make a customised image too!

Materials and Durability: Markers come in various materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. Metal markers, being the most durable, often feature enamel or laser engraving for customization.


  • Some markers double as repair tools for fixing ball divots.
  • Make them magnetic and they can attach to a hat clip.

Designing Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Choose whatever you like!

Choosing a Design

You may be restricted to company logos, your name, or initials. If not, create something crazy with AI image creation. Use Dall-E or Midjourney, and you will definitely get something unique! Recently, the quality of printing has improved so much that photos are now possible—and they even look good!

Selecting the Features

  • Size and Shape: Most markers are round, but you’re not stuck with the standard. You can go oval, square, or even novelty designs.
  • Color: Go beyond traditional colors; pick neon or glow-in-the-dark for a twist!
  • Finish: Glossy’s bright and sunny, matte’s understated cool. And there’s more!

Personalization Process

Once your design is locked down, printing or engraving comes next. Modern techniques mean you get clean, crisp images and text. Remember, your design needs to withstand weather and wear, so quality is key.

Ordering Your Markers

After your design is finalized, you’ll need to send it to the manufacturer. Websites will often have YouTube videos to help you upload images to their sites. Some will also have existing images you can use if you don’t have your own. Typical lead times are 10 working days.

Types of Golf Ball Markers

What type of markers are available?

There are Ball ‘Markers’ which make your golf ball unique, and there are markers to mark the position of your golf ball on the green. I am going to focus this article on the putting green.

Plastic Markers
These are the ‘bread and butter’ of the marker world. Affordable and easy to find, they often come in simple flat designs or with a small peg to fix into the green.

  • Plain
  • With peg

Metal Markers
They range from basic stainless steel circles to custom-designed pieces with your logo or monogram.

  • Stainless steel
  • Engraved or stamped

Magnetic Markers
These markers snap onto a metal clip that you can attach to your hat, belt, or glove. Easy to attach and remove!

  • Hat clip markers
  • Divot tool combination

Funny / Novelty Markers
Shaped like animals, lucky charms but can often be much more controversial!

  • Funny shapes and characters
  • Rude!

Printing options for Golf Ball Markers

There are lots of ways to personalise. Some much better than others!


Whilst possible, I strongly suggest just don’t do it! They won’t stay on your ball for long, and if they do, they will affect the flight of your ball. Extra slice anybody?

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving provides precision, and detailed designs, text, and even images can be etched onto a variety of materials, such as metal, offering a durable and long-lasting finish.


Normal ink allows for a full spectrum of colors and is best for complex or very colorful logos. Using advanced techniques, your custom designs can be directly printed onto the ball marker, making it pop when it’s your turn to putt.

3D Printing

With 3D printing, the sky’s the limit. This method can produce markers in any shape and design you can think of, adding a whole new dimension to golf gear. 3D-printed markers can be made with different materials and finishes, giving you a truly customized 3D object.


For a classic touch, embossing adds a raised or recessed design to a leather or metal marker. It’s perfect for club logos or initials where the design is not too complicated.

Can I use a Company Logo to make a Golf Ball Marker?

Absolutely – if you are allowed!

  • Permission: First things first, make sure you have the right to use the logo. If it’s your company’s logo. I have seen so many design guidelines about how and where you can use logos – even detailing the amount of white space surrounding it. Get permission from the marketing team first! Make sure you include any copyright logos, then get it APPROVED by your marketing team before you go ahead. If you are the marketing team, get it approved by somebody else!

Can I get a Custom Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip?

Yes, although not as common as a custom marker, you can get a full personalized set of golf ball markers, hat clips, and divot tools.

Shoudl I get a Custom Golf Ball Marker as a Gift?

Standard markers are cheap and easy to find. If you are buying a gift, custom golf ball markers can be great!

Standard Golf Ball Markers

  • Widely available.
  • Often come in basic shapes and colors.
  • Lower cost.
  • Functional but lack personal touch.

Custom Golf Ball Markers

  • Can be personalized with your logo or design.
  • Variety of shapes, materials, and colors.
  • Can be more costly, but it’s worth it!
  • Add a personal or professional touch to thier game.
FeatureStandard MarkerCustom Marker
DesignGenericPersonalized – cute, loving or rude!
CostCheapHigher but it’s worth it
AvailabilityHighMade to order – allow up to 2 weeks
Personal TouchLowInvaluable!

Branding and Promotional Opportunities

Business golf is not about the golf, it’s about the business!

Why Choose Custom Golf Ball Markers for Branding?

  • Visibility: Your brand travels with your customer, getting exposure with each putt.
  • Affordability: You get a big bang for your buck, if you make enough of them.
  • Customizable: Get exactly what you want to promote – whether it is purely your logo or even your short marketing slogan.

Great for:

  • Individual golfers – a reminder that you let them win!
  • Golf tournaments – a reminder that your company paid a fortune to sponsor it!
  • Team-building exercises – a reminder that your colleagues really did have a great time

Where to Buy Custom Golf Ball Markers

There are lots of internet sites now offering personalization, and Amazon and Etsy, of course. However, don’t forget your local golf courses.
There are many golf ball collectors who travel round different courses collecting markers as they go.

Golf Course Golf Ball Markers

Golf courses often have their own custom markers, boasting the club’s emblem. As they are often only available in the Pro shop, they can be great for collectors. Who wouldn’t want a set of Augusta or St. Andrews golf ball markers?

How Can I Make my Own Custom Golf Ball Marker?

Creating your own custom golf ball marker is simpler than you might think.

  • Decide on a Design: First and foremost, think about what design you want. This could be your initials, a logo, or any other graphic that you fancy.
  • Choose a Method: There are several ways to create a custom marker:
    • Stickers: Available, but please don’t! They will fall off, and if they don’t then they affect your ball flight – badly!
    • Engraving: If you have access to an engraver, you can etch your design onto a metal marker.
    • 3D Printing: Design your marker and 3D print it yourself or send your design online. They are now available with different colored plastics. The big advantage of 3D printing is that you can have any shape and size you like (unless you are printing an alignment golf marker—beware the rules on these!).

Can I use a Photo to create a Golf ball marker?

Absolutely! Take one of your favorite photos and turn it into a custom golf ball marker.

  • Choose a Photo: Any high-resolution image can be transformed into a marker. Choose a photo that’s special to you, like a family picture, a pet, or a memorable location.
  • Select a Company: Find an online company and check out their use review section.
  • Customization Options: Apart from the photo, many companies allow you to include text or choose the shape and size of the marker.

Keep in mind these simple tips:

  • Brightness and Clarity: Ensure your photo is bright and clear. Dark or blurry images are bad!
  • Copyrights: Only use photos that you own or have permission to use!

Can I use a Pin to create a Golf ball marker?

Creating a golf ball marker with a pin is possible in the form of a lapel pin or an enamel pin.

Size Matters:

  • The pin should not be too large or cumbersome.
  • Similarly, it shouldn’t be so small that it’s easily lost.

Visibility on the Green:

  • Opt for a pin with a clear, distinct design.
  • Bright colors or shiny metal can make it easier to spot.


  • The pin’s backing should be ideally be flat to avoid affecting the ball roll.

Converting a Pin to a Marker

  • You can modify the pin by removing any protruding parts – such as that sharp pin on the back!
  • Glue a coin or flat metal disc to the back for added stability.

Can I use a Bottle Cap to create a Golf ball marker?

Absolutely! Remind yourself that the 19th hole is not far away! 

  1. Choose your Caps: Start by selecting your favorite beer. Enjoy the drink but remember to remove the cap carefully and try not to bend it too much. You’ll need two caps if you intend to craft a double-sided marker.
  2. Prep and Clean: Make sure your bottle caps are free from any sticky Bud or Coors. A rinse with soapy water should do the trick, and then pat them dry.
  3. Bond Together: Facing the insides towards each other, use a strong adhesive to glue the two caps back-to-back. Allow sufficient time for the glue to set.
  4. Test it Out: Once your customized marker is fully set, take it for your next round and enjoy that silent nod of approval from your fellow players!

Collecting Golf Ball Markers

There is actually a society! See my article on Golf Ball Marker Collectors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Sharpie to create my own Golf Ball Marker?

Sure, you can use a Sharpie to personalize a golf ball marker. Just make sure the design is dry before using it on the green to avoid smudges.

How can I create golf ball markers featuring my own design?

Creating custom golf ball markers is a breeze with online companies that allow you to upload your design and also preview them before being made.

Is there a minimum order quantity for personalized golf ball markers?

Many companies do require a minimum order, but singles are still possible. You will pay a lot for it though. I suggest you buy a few for the future.

Can I get a set of Custom Ball Marker, Divot tool and Hat Clip?

Absolutely, you can get a custom set that includes ball markers, divot tools, and hat clips, jazzing up your entire golf ensemble.

Are there any Golf Ball Marker collectors?

Yes, collecting golf ball markers has become quite a hobby for some, with special editions and tournament markers. Just have a look on Reddit and see my article on Golf Ball Marker Collectors!

How can I Display my Collection of Golf Ball Markers?

What would you do with your collection? Keep them in a drawer? No, of course not, get a display case and be proud!

Are there any Limited Edition Golf Ball Markers?

Limited edition markers are often made for major tournaments. VCollect them whilst you can.

What is the Most Valuable Golf Ball Marker?

For you, it may be the one you used to win a tournament!
For others, it may be that Rolex golf ball marker made from the face of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona! If you can’t afford that, how about the AP 41m watch face for a bargain US$5000.

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